Slow as a snail, but will be worth it!

It seems like we are doing a ton of work in the background and not moving very fast, but I promise we are making progress.  We are continuing to work on our 501 C-3 status, but it just takes a lot of time and even more paperwork (I know right, in this “paperless” world we live in).
We have our bracelets that we are working out the details to find the best way to sell these through our website so that everyone has an opportunity to have one rather than just those right here close.  Tebo did an amazing job with them and I can’t wait for us to place our next order because all of these are gone…

Our website continues to be tweaked and as we have those that contribute on a regular basis we are adding their links to our website.  I long for the day that I can post pictures of our first Marine picking up his ticket to go home and show you what you have helped us accomplish.  It will happen!

We have brochures printed and boards to use for presentations with our logo on it and it is very exciting to see these things completed.  Now we just need to get in front of some groups and get more support and backing and then look out….

There are several of us reaching out to celebrities, sports figures and teams, and the media in every avenue we know at this point and while we haven’t really gotten anyone to really put their name to our foundation we did receive some autographed items from Toby Keith which is very exciting so when we have our first silent auction those items will certainly be on the bidding block.  Thank you to the Toby Keith company for doing this for us.  We will catch our big break one day and all the work will have been worth it.

I know my sister in NC has a golf tournament planned in October so if you are in the Asheville, NC area and want to participate or just watch check it out!  As we get a little closer I will post more details, but right now I believe it is scheduled for October 8, 2011.  Yeah!  I know this will be as successful as her Fun Depot fundraiser was.

We are also planning a chicken cook in Rogers, AR next year (most likely in the month of May) so as we have a date confirmed I will be sure to get the details out so everyone in our area can come out to support this worthy cause.

Things are moving, just maybe not as quickly as I like to move, but they are moving none the less.  I promise to keep you updated as things change.

On a side note… I would like to say that my bonus boys in Chad’s unit are starting to finish out their contract with the USMC!  Chip Tippett was the first to head out and is now residing in Virginia and still working with the government and Chip, we are so proud of you!  Good luck to you son and enjoy every minute of life with your family.  Next we will have RoRo getting out in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait.  Texas better get ready.  It will never be the same!  You have a precious young man heading your way and you better be good to him or momma bear is coming to visit!  You’ve been warned.  My Seth(y) gets out soon (date TBD) and I can’t wait, because I know I get to wrap my arms around his neck when he does.  Hurry up son!  Then we will have Rob Schmidt and Shawn Spratt heading home.  Rob, Gladys, and little Abby will be stopping by on their way to Virginia and I can’t wait.  They weren’t able to be with us when the guys came in June so this will be a nice treat.  Shawn, Lindsay, and Suri will be living in OK which is super close to us so they better look out, because I plan to see them often and spoil Suri every chance I get.  Then my Zach(y) (and Chad would have) gets out October 9th (which also happens to be his beautiful bride’s birthday) and head to Texas.  Ladies, it will be tough for him to beat that gift, but I’ve told him he still has to get her a present.  🙂
TJ is getting out soon and heading to Georgia.  There are others like Zach Seabaugh and Brian Hinkle that will be getting out around some of these dates, but I don’t have their exact dates yet, but I can’t wait until they are all out and in safer jobs.  Yes!  I will always worry, but at least the worry will be different than what it has been.  Speaking of Brian Hinkle. I have to say that his mom is absolutely a doll.  She sent us a check for our foundation with the sweetest note and then just this week she sent another one and said she came in to some extra money this week and wanted to do all she could for our boys.  It wasn’t until then that I even made the connection that it was Brian’s mom.  It just never dawned on me until I talked to RoRo.  I hope to meet her in person one day and it would be even better if it was when I was handing our first Marine a plane ticket and she could just help me do that!

There are lots of things going on and while it is exciting that the foundation is taking off and the guys are finally going back to civilian life and we are finding our “new normal” without my Chadman I don’t want to ever forget that there are still too many of our men and women in uniform fighting and in danger and away from the comforts of home.  This latest tragedy with the Seals and soldiers killed in Afghanistan.  My heart goes out to all the families and friends.  I know what they are facing and it won’t be easy and I just hate that they are now a part of this group, but lets not forget to lift them up in prayer and often.

I look forward to more updates soon and I expect my bonus boys to be letting me know their actual dates when they get them so I can know where they are and when…  🙂  Thanks again to all who are helping in every way with launching this foundation.

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