Wings for Our Troops helps raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project

June 23rd we held another chicken cook fundraiser with Whitey and his Chicken Crew in Rogers, AR in Chad’s memory with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.  It was extremely hot out there, but that didn’t stop Whitey and his crew, or Chad’s friends and their parents, the Rogers Fire Department (Station 1), or the wonderful folks that came out to support this very worthy cause.  We raised approximately $1,500 for the WWP!  Great job guys!  The Rogers Fire Department (Station 1) were selling raffle tickets for $5 for a chance to win a custom build chopper motorcycle.  It is beautiful and some lucky person (pretty sure I may have purchased that winning ticket, just saying) will be able to ride that bad boy home! 

We did have a little unexpected excitement and helped another Marine in a very unrelated way.  We were winding down from a busy day of selling chicken and raffle tickets when suddenly a pick up truck pulling a long trailer behind him cut in front of traffic and took most of the back bumper off a van.  My sister-in-law read the man’s lips as he realized what he had done and I can’t repeat those words here, but you can use your imagination.  Any who… he proceeds to rush through the Harps’ grocery parking lot to get away from the van knowing they were going to pull into the grocery parking to discuss what had happened and exchange information.  Well, the young man that did the hitting 🙂 thought it would be best if he tried to run from the scene and escape responsibility for his actions.  What he didn’t realize at the time was that we had one of Benton County’s finest deputies helping us with our fundraiser (oops) so as we observe this man speeding through the grocery parking lot and back onto a very busy street the van is right on his tail and right behind the van was one of our finest!  The man driving the pick up truck pulls into a gas station quite a ways down the road and pretends to “know nothing” about the incident (oops again)… The man in the van and our Benton County’s finest kindly wait with this young man until the on duty officer could arrive.  So while waiting, our finest asked the man driving the van if he was a Marine and he answered, yes sir, I am (triple oops)…  LOL!  I have a good feeling that we got a bad guy (or at least a bad driver) off the roads that day and managed to help yet another Marine at the same time!  It was just not that young man’s day.  Maybe he should have pulled in and bought some chicken and a raffle ticket instead and maybe he could have avoided this entire mess (not to mention potentially pissing off a Marine and running from an officer)… Hmmmm…. note to self, next time I see a fundraiser for a very worthy cause, maybe I should stop and contribute.  🙂

Enjoy a few pictures from a great day in the sun helping our Wounded Warriors.  This was our 2nd annual fundraiser for the WWP so we expect an even bigger turn out next year! (minus the accident)

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