Veteran’s Day 2012… Wings for Our Troops “in loving memory of CPL Chad S Wade” SALUTE YOU!

This post isn’t just about reminding people that Sunday is Veteran’s Day, but to encourage everyone to take advantage of any celebrations in your area that will be taking place.  It’s one thing to just acknowledge Veteran’s Day, but it’s something else all together when you sacrifice a little of your time to actually participate in one of the many celebrations that might be taking place around you.

Tebo and I are going to attempt to make it out for a 5K Veteran’s run (to observe and support, not run), because two of our friends are running with their Wings for Our Troop t-shirts on in memory of Chad.  How amazing is that?  Then on Monday we are going to participate in another celebration in Springdale, AR that Chad’s buddy, Clint’s, wife is attending school there and she mentioned us and Chad to her teacher and they have invited us to join them and sell our t-shirts and everyone who purchases a t-shirt there will get a raffle ticket for some awesome prizes.  They are also giving all Veterans that attend cupcakes and other items to show their appreciation.  If you are in this area on Monday, November 12th and would like to join us in Springdale send me an email at and I will get the details to you. 

With this year being the election year and so much attention on the election and the outcome I wondered how many people would take time out of their own life and busy schedules to show our Veterans how much we appreciate the sacrifices they have made.  A simple thank you goes a long way with them, but to see you sacrifice a little time to participate or attend a special celebration in their honor would truly put actions to your words.  Don’t be one that has the opportunity to join a celebration, but chooses to sleep in or go shopping instead.  There are Veterans out there that may not otherwise hear a thank you or see someone sacrifice something like a little of their personal time to show them appreciation so how about we all do our part to do that for them this year.  Unless you are close enough to it, it’s hard to truly understand what all these men and women truly sacrifice and the nightmares they are left with after war.  Show them it’s not for nothing!  Please and thank you!

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