Wings for Our Troops working to get 1,000 likes on Face Book Page

We are trying to reach 1,000 likes on our Face Book page at Wings for Our Troops “in loving memory of CPL Chad S Wade”.  The more people we reach and learn what we do the more we can help.

We want to be able to send an enlisted active military personnel home before and/or after deployment to combat.  These visits home before and after are more important than my mortal words can express.  Without those eleven days with our son before he deployed to Afghanistan I truly do not know what I would do each day.  I wonder if I could even get out of bed let alone carry on each day.  That is hard enough to do without having that burden as well. 

I’m so grateful that my husband is as giving and caring as he is and made it possible for us to fly Chad and his wife, Katie, home for pre-deployment leave, because it was truly eleven days of heaven on earth and I truly cannot imagine not having had those days now that he didn’t make it home.

It goes further than that though.  My son’s brothers in combat had only been 5 weeks into a 9 month deployment and had to carry on despite the pain and grief they were dealing with.  They not only did this like true heroes, but when they got a chance they made phone calls to me to check on me while they were still over there.  I will never be able to repay them for that.  These young men are still dealing with the loss of my son just as we are and that is what makes this foundation so important to us.  Their visits home were as important after this deployment than before.  Once they are in the arms of their loved ones their healing can truly begin. 

Help us make this possible.  If you know an active enlisted military man or woman that needs to get home before and/or after deployment to combat let them know about us.  We will get them an application and get the process started for them.  This is not a hand out or charity, this is THANK YOU!  This is a very small way a grateful nation can thank them for their service and sacrifice. 

We will never know what they experience while in combat and the nightmares they must live with when they return so the very least we can do is take a small burden of getting home off their shoulders.  We have been learning that if we work through parents and spouses we get a better response.  These young men and women that are fighting for us are proud and don’t want to accept a hand out.  Well, that is what is so great about Wings for Our Troops Foundation (WFOT), it isn’t a hand out, it is repayment for their service and sacrifice.  If we can get past the fact that they may feel like it is a hand out I believe we can help more and more.

Our government gets them from base to overseas to fight and gets them back to base, but they do nothing to help them get home.  That expense is out of their own pocket and they live on a very modest paycheck.  There are many of us that choose not to go on certain vacations due to how expensive it is to travel, that is no different for these young men and women. 

Let’s do our part to help them and give them the chance to make wonderful memories with their families that they may not otherwise have the chance to do.  Every little bit helps, if you can donate, great, if you can’t, no worries, just spread the word.  Send them to this website, our Face Book or my blog at  We want to send as many home as we can.

Afghanistan-US Marine Unit Deals with Combat Stress in Helmand Province Afghanistan-US Marine Unit Deals with Combat Stress in Helmand Province Chad Afghan 1 Chad's Unit Oct 2010-2 Chad's Unit with Zoom - Chad not in it

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